Tuesday, 16 March 2010

Exercise 17: The user's point of view

For this exercise, the task was to go out and shoot some locations from the user's point of view. I found this quite an interesting exercise, as I would tend to naturally go for the most artistic point of view, and this is rarely the user's point of view. I took two shots, and I thought I would play with the brief a little, so not only did I photograph a golf course as suggested, I thought I'd shoot a car as this was a bit different.

Now above I have a shot of a golf course. Suggested in the exercise was photographing from the tee, but I felt this left the shot lacking in details, with a golf course being so vast, most tees have very little to draw the eye around them (on this particular course anyway). So I decided to photograph from completely the opposite side and chose a shot from the green, containing the flag as detail.

This was my different shot. I decided a car would be very interesting, as it is something we are all familiar with, and it has a quite obvious user point of view. I chose to photograph slightly further to the left than the drivers usual point of view, to get more of their looking out of the windscreen perspective, rather than a shot of the side of the car and in front of the driver.

These pictures certainly connect with the viewer. As I can associate with the views in the images with my own experiences it certainly makes a viewer feel more attached. Photographing from the viewer's point of view should definitely be used to help advertise a building or location as this feeling of a personal connection certainly would help sell a location

Monday, 8 March 2010

Exercise 16: Exploring Function

Exercise 16 was about photographing a room or building with regards to its function. My room of choice was my own kitchen. I decided that this was more than a kitchen, but a bit of a utility room too, so I decided the best way to show it was including as many of the machines that I could, the toaster, washing machine, cooker, microwave were all included in my shot. I also shot from lower than usual head height to give a nice even impression about the room, so shot from about midway between the floor and the ceiling. I think the finished shot gives a reasonable record of the function of the room.