Tuesday, 22 June 2010

Exercise 18: How Space Changes with Light

This exercise was about photographing the same building at different times of day to show how different lighting conditions could dramatically effect the image.




There is a quite dramatic effect on these three images of the same house shot from the same place at three different times during a sunny day. At 10am the image is full of colour, with the sun directly hitting the front of the house, causing shadows from the overhanging roof, but giving a colourful blue sky in the background and making all the colours pop from the image. However the door and front right window are lost slightly in the shadow.

At 3pm I think this is probably the worst image of the three. The majority of the front of the house is in shadow, the sun is high enough to make the sky a very pale blue, and it is the small patches of bright which attract attention on the front of the house, for example by the top right window, and where the sky dish is. There is too much contrast in this image, attracting attention to the wrong areas.

At 8pm the whole house is in shadow, but this creates much more even tones across the house. The windows are a bit too reflective however and lose some detail. The sky is blown out to be bright white due to the sun now being behind the house. This image and the one at 10am have very different feels to them, but I believe they both work really well for showing off the house. I definitely think at 10am this was the best angle to photograph the house from but I have some alternative shots for the other two times to utilise the light.

This was shot at 3 pm and I have zoomed in closer to crop out most of the distracting light patches. I still do not believe it is a very good image, as the light at this time was too strong and contrasting to really show off this building well, and was hitting it at an awkward angle.

At 8pm I felt this was another interesting shot that could work, as the whole house was in shadow, no one patch was going to attract attention away from the house. It shows off the front garden reasonably well as well this angle.Other times of day would have had the garden with harsh shadows on it, whereas with the sun behind the house, the garden is all in shadow which works much better.