Wednesday, 20 January 2010

Exercise 15: Public space, public activity

It’s been a while since I posted, having worked very hard on my photography website ( and finishing the assignment in my other OCA course ( However, whenever I had a spare minute I was trying to get out to photograph this exercise. Being the great English winter though, the weather was always against me.

So eventually I contacted my tutor, and we agreed I would just write up about this exercise in order for me to be able to progress with the course. This exercise was moving from an organised event, onto an organised space, ie a beach or a park, that would contain a number of activites. This is an interesting topic and I would certainly have tried to capture a good variety in people’s activites, looking out for family picnics, office worker’s having a lunchtime kickabout, couple going for a walk in the park, etc. I would like the variety a park would bring to this form of photography.

I would use a long lens in most cases, to keep the natural feel to procedings, with the subjects not aware I was there, waiting for the right expression to complete the picture. I would also quite like an overall activity shot, showing the varied use of the area, all together.

Just to add some photographs to this, I will add some from my summer holiday in Sal (Cape Verde). We went for a walk along the beach, and I took a few snaps of the locals on the beach. It sort of relates to this topic so I will upload the few that do.sal(facebook)021

Watching the waves crash in


Waiting for the surf


Jumping off the pier


Diving in

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